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Gaming floor presents a timeline and the the most important links detailing the journey of the Gambling Bill through parliament from 2001 to 2007.

Timeline and links
Department of Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS)
Casino gaming in Britain was transferred to the DCMS In 2001. Regulation and enforcement had been under the Home Office since the original creation of the Gaming Board back in 1968.
Gaming Board for Great Britain
After its formation in 1968 the Board reported to the Home Office but from the 8th of June, 2001 they were transferred to the DCMS. The Board's annual report details casinos, bingo, slot revenues and statistics. The 36th and final report of the GBGB was printed in Summer 2005.
Gambling Commission
The Gambling Commission was officially launched on the 1st October 2005 and relocated from London to Birmingham on the 13th July, 2006.
The 1st annual report of the Gambling Commission - 2005/2006
The 2005/2006 report is available in PDF for download.
Casino Advisory Panel
CAP's task is to recommend to the Secretary of State at the DCMS areas where the one regional casino and eight large and eight small casinos would best be located. They will return with their recommendations in late 2006.

Timeline - 2001 to 2007
Gambling Review Report (The Budd Report)
The 260 pages contain 175 recommendations.
Published 17th July, 2001.
A Safe Bet for Success - Modernising Britain's Gambling Laws
Cm 5397
Unveiled by Tessa Jowell the then Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport. It is the Government's response to the Gambling Review Report.
Published 26th March, 2002.
Modernising Britain's Gambling Laws - Draft Gambling Bill
Cm 5878
The first part of the draft Gambling Bill.
Published 15th July 2003.
Draft Gambling Bill
Cm 6014
Parts I, II, III & IV
Published 19th November, 2003.
Draft Gambling Bill - Additional Clauses
Parts I, II, III & IV.
Published 5th February and 12th March, 2003.
Draft Gambling Bill Consultations
The public and stake holders were encouraged to submit their opinions to the Joint Gambling Bill scrutiny committee until the 28th February 2004.
Joint Committee on the Draft Gambling Bill
Website of the joint committee. It has a full listing of the 16 members, their backgrounds and declared interests.
Published 7th April 2004.

Volume II: Oral and Written evidence.
Volume III: Written evidence.

Government response to the Joint Committee's Report:
Cm 6253
Published 14th June, 2004.
Joint Committee on the Draft Gambling Bill -  Regional Casinos

The committee published their report on clauses in the Draft Bill relating to the proposals for regional casinos.
Published 22nd July, 2004.

Volume II: Oral and written evidence:
Published 28th July, 2004.

Government response to the Joint Committee's Report - Regional Casinos:
Cm 6330
Published 22nd September, 2004.
The first reading of the Gambling Bill was made in Parliament on 19th October, 2004. The second reading passed on a vote of  286 to 212, a Government majority of 74 on 2nd November. It then went into Committee.
Gambling Bill in Standing Committee B
Committee Membership
Government Sets Out Cautious Approach To New Casino Regime
Casinos: Statement of National Policy (PDF)
DCMS - Press release & Policy Statements from 17th December 2004.
Gambling Bill - Latest version
Published 25th January, 2005.
Explanatory Notes
Gambling Bill
Amendments to be debated in the House of Lords
Gambling Bill - House of Lords amendments
Marshalled List of Amendments to be moved in Committee
Printed 8th March, 2005.
Supplementary to the Marshalled List of Amendments to be moved in Committee
Printed 9th March, 2005.

Following regional casino numbers being cut from 8 to 1 the Conservatives withdrew their objections to the Bills passage. It received Royal Assent in the House of Lords on 7th April and is now known as The Gambling Act 2005.

Gambling Act 2005
ISBN 0 10 541905 2
Published April 25th 2005. Available online and in hardcopy format from HMSO. The Act came fully into force in September 2007 it replaces the following...
 - Betting Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1963.
 - The Gambling Act of 1968 and
 - The Lotteries and Amusements Act of 1976.
The Gambling Commission
On the 1st October, 2005 the Gambling Commission was officially launched and assumed all the duties of the former Gaming Board for Great Britain.

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