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Moscow Siberia

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Designated Areas


Azov City, Krasnodar.
Orakul - Oracle Casino
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Opened 1st February, 2010. Azov City's first casino and also the first to open in the 4 designated areas.

Sibirskaya Moneta, Altai Krai.

Vladivostok - Russky Island, Primorski.
Putin's £2bn bid to make bleak eastern island a holiday resort

Update: 3rd July, 2009.
Slot halls with fewer than 50 machines and an area of less than 100 square meters were closed from 1st July, 2007. 

The Federal ban on gambling in Russia, except in the 4 designated areas, began on 1st July, 2009.  I've left the section as it was before the ban for reference purposes.  Ian

Moscow Casinos
A-Club - Casino Angara
Opened February 2005 at Novy Arbat 19 with 32 tables and 69 slots.
Admiral Club
Casino Arbat - Casino Ankor
Casino Asia
Opened 21st October, 2005.
Casino Assembleya
Casino Bakara
Chateau-Lyon Casino Club
Club Chehonte
Casino Cosmos
Hotel Cosmos
Located at the V.V.C., All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VDNKh fairgrounds) and named and themed after Russia's space endeavours. Casino Cosmos was one of the first to open in the city.
Temporarliy closed by officials from the Russian Interior Ministry. 5th October, 2006.
Crystal Casino - (Kristal, Krystal)
Temporarliy closed by officials from the Russian Interior Ministry. 2nd October, 2006.
Casino Desperado
Ritzio Entertainment Group.
Casino Dynasty
Casino Club Europe
Casino Golden Lode
Golden Palace & Golden Palace Weekend Casino
Temporarliy closed by officials from the Russian Interior Ministry. 2nd October, 2006.
Casino Imperia - Casino Empire
Conti Group
Ibiza Casino
Casino Molodaya Gvardia - New Generation
Casino Klondike
Casino Korona
Novy Arbat, 15.
Casino Korus
Casino Manhattan
Casino Marilyn
Casino Cherry & Metelitsa Entertainment Complex
Located on Novy Arbat one of the most famous casinos in Moscow opening in 1993. Combined casino, sportsbook and nightclub.
Casino Metropol
Located at the 5 star Metropol Hotel just a three minute walk from Red Square. Up market with high table limits. Originally set up by Storm Casinos in 1994.
Casino Mirage
Casino Monplezir
Casino de Paris
Korston Hotel & Casino de Paris
Korston HOTELS & MALLS. Casino Operated/Managed by Tilley Entertainment.
Casino Pharaoh
Casino Salyut
Storm International
Casino Carnaval
Jazz Town
Was known as the Vinso Grand now renamed Jazz Town.
Casino New York
Opened April 2005 inside the Peking hotel with 20 tables and 180 slots.
Casino Shangrila
Opened in June 1999 and located on Pushkin Square. Managed by Storm International. 49 tables, 220 slots. Logo is "The closest to Vegas without leaving Moscow".
The Udarnik Casino
Part of the Udarnik Cinema and Entertainment complex.
Super Slots
Network of Slot Halls managed by Storm International. 19 locations in Moscow and 4 in Nizhniy Novgorod.
Casino Slavyanka
Conti Group.
Casino Sofia
Casino Sol
VIP National Club
National Hotel is located opposite the Kremlin and Red Square and was renovated in 1995. The VIP National Club opened in 1998.

Closed Casinos...
Alexander Bloc - No longer a casino.
Casino Golitsin
Casino Horseshoe/Casino Podkova
Imperial Casino - Ritzio Entertainment Group
Casino Ismailovo
Casino Las Vegas
Casino Lilit
Casino Maska
Casino Royale
Gaming floor thanks Vadym Barsukov for supplying many of the links for Moscow.
Thanks also to Vitaly Safronov at Azart Games who supplied the listing of closed casinos in September 2006.

St. Petersburg Casinos
Almost all St. Petersburg casinos must close by 1st January 2008. In August 2007 there were believed to be  21 casinos and 571 gambling halls in operation.
Conti Group
Aladdin Casino Club
Golden Garden Casino
Casino Good Win
Set Corporation.
Grand Hotel Emerald
Hollywood Nites
Kapitan Morgan
--- Casino Lux
--- Casino Kapar
Papanin Club -  Restaurant & Casino
Premier Casino Club
Set Corporation.
Slava Casino Club
Set Corporation.
Taleon Club Casino
Located on the Moika canal, just off Nevsky prospect. 15 tables with a 29 suite boutique hotel.
Casino Vegas
19 tables and 190 slots on two floors.


Ekaterinburg Tourist Information Service
12 listings however it's not known how many of the operations have table games. New gaming laws came into effect 1st January 2007 barring ownership by sole traders.


Joker Bar


Las Vegas Casino


Located on Russia's Black Sea coast and owned by the Conti Group. 


Grand Club


Espaniola - “Varyag" cinema
Hokus - Pokus
Royal Park
Versailles - Versailles Hotel
Hotel Vladivostok Casino

Viva! Grand Casino
Omsk. 20 tables and 70 slots.
Casino Imperia
Kemerovo. 13 tables and more than 100 slot machines
Hotel Tsentralnya, Barnaul.
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