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Savvy Casino Managers Are On to Something: Great Guest Service Contributes to the Bottom Line
Martin R. Baird
Politics And The Law Of Gambling
Professor I.Nelson Rose #79
The dealer as entertainer - Utilization of the table games dealer in a role more fitting for today’s casino
Vic Taucer from Casino Creations
What? The Internet Is A Serious Competitor for Casinos? Properties That Ignore Cyberspace Do So At Their Peril
Martin R. Baird, Robinson & Associates, Inc.
Over there……A review of the Proposed Legislation for Online Gaming Regulation in the United Kingdom
Marc Lesnick of StartCasino.com looks at the proposed changes to Britain's gambling regulations and the potential for Internet and online operations.
Voodoo as a table games operational method
Vic Taucer from Casino Creations takes a look at why casinos win. Is it a combination of mathematics and skilled personnel or perhaps as many Pit bosses and Management seem to believe - just being lucky!. 
Employee Training in Different Languages Is A Must - Stick With English Only and Take A Huge Risk With Service
Martin R. Baird, Robinson & Associates, Inc.
A safe bet for success - or a missed opportunity?
Phil Fraser of i-ludus Consulting takes a look at the recent "Safe bet for success" report and its potential implications for British based online gaming.
Renting Short-Term Guests Is No Way to Compete - Supercharge Your Casino’s Service & Own Those Guests
Martin R. Baird of Robinson & Associates, Inc. shows ways that casinos can better develop customer loyalty and repeat visits.

California Legalizes Internet Gambling Prof. I. Nelson Rose (#78) 5/2002
The Day Congress Outlawed Sports Betting And Violated The U.S. Constitution Prof. I. Nelson Rose (#146) 3/2002
Rewarding Employees the Wrong Way is A Waste Martin R. Baird 3/2002
Don't Tug On Superman's Cape Prof. I Nelson Rose (#77) 2/2002
ICE 2002 - Photo Gallery
A  selection of pictures from the first two days of the annual show at Earls Court.
Ian Sutton 2/2002
Electronic Gambling revenues to grow tenfold Informa Media Group 2/2002
Why Disney Won't Take Bets From Vermont Prof  I. Nelson Rose (#75) 1/2002
Vanuatu - The CrownGames opening
Interview with PBL Executive Andrew MacDonald.
Link to Gamblinglicences.com 1/2002
Tasmania - Still licensing Internet Casinos
Interview with Tasmanian Executive Jeff Kelly
Link to Gamblinglicences.com 1/2002
The ECB lets the coins out of the bag Ian Sutton 1/2002
Making A Full Casino Out Of Video Games Prof. I. Nelson Rose(#140) 11/2001
Busted For Betting Online
Is gambling on the Internet legal?
Prof. I. Nelson Rose(#144) 11/2001
Nevada Legalizes Internet Gambling - Maybe Prof. I. Nelson Rose(#76) 10/2001
In Nevada, It's Pay Your Markers Or Go To Jail Prof. I. Nelson Rose(#74) 9/2001
Court Rules Internet Gambling Is Not Illegal Prof. I. Nelson Rose(#73) 8/2001
Las Vegas News Briefs for week ending Aug. 24, 2025 Casino Promote Newsletter 8/2001
Time (for gaming staff) to be dealt a better hand? Ian Sutton 8/2001
Floridian Casino - Miami Beach 1929-30 John Benedict (external link) 8/2001
Club Royale
Casino ship sunk by Hurricane Erin in 1995
John Benedict (external link) 8/2001
Federal v. State Governments
Revised version
I. Nelson Rose(#69) 7/2001
State Can Bar Some Adults From Gambling I. Nelson Rose(#72) 6/2001
Nevada A.G. Finds Free Internet Gambling Is Still Gambling I. Nelson Rose(#71) 6/2001
Blackjack Switch trials in Iowa Customized Casino Games. 3/2001
Federal v. State Governments I. Nelson Rose(#69) 3/2001
River City Group, CCA Release Annual I-Gaming Report River City Group 3/2001
ICE grows again
Show visitor & attendance reports Photos
ICE press release 2/2001
The Interactive Gaming Council’s Player Protection Initiative: The Seal of Approval Rick Smith and Keith Furlong 2/2001
Indian Nations and Internet Gambling I. Nelson Rose(#68) 2/2001
Software Integrity Key to Online Gambling LasVegas.com Gaming Wire  2/2001
Tribes Given Chance To Open Class II Casinos I.Nelson Rose(#67) 1/2001
Casinos As Spies For The Federal Government I.Nelson Rose(#66) 1/2001
What direction will Nevada gaming be taking in 2001?
Gaming Wire interview with Steve DuCharme and Scott Scherer
LasVegas.com GamingWire 12/2000
Blackjack Switch Ian Sutton 12/2000
Do Parents Have A Duty To Keep Their Kids Out Of Casinos? I.Nelson Rose(#65) 12/2000
Governments Join War Against Card Counters I.Nelson Rose(#64) 12/2000
Making Your Web Site Too Good Can Get You Into Trouble I.Nelson Rose(#63) 11/2000
The STAR shines in Vegas
CARD's Shuffle Star at the WGCE.
Horant Woschitz 11/2000
The Talent Management Challenge for Casino Operators Karen Walker 10/2000
Rapid Roulette.
The new semi automatic game at the Crown Casino.
Judi Kelly 9/2000
Nevada Supreme Court Orders Casino To Pay Card Counter I.Nelson Rose(#62) 9/2000
Analysis of the British Gaming Board 1999-2000 report Ian Sutton 9/2000
The Gaming Industry in NZ awaits the Government’s roll of the dice Karen Walker 9/2000
Magic Roulette - From Ultimate Success Gaming Game promotion 8/2000
Defining Slots for Tots I.Nelson Rose(#61) 6/2000
Attempted Robbery By Lawsuit I.Nelson Rose(#60) 5/2000
Is It A Crime To Give A Casino A Bum Marker? I.Nelson Rose(#59) 4/2000
America Boldly Outlaws (And Quietly Legalizes) Internet Gambling I.Nelson Rose(#58) 4/2000
The UK's first 24 hour Poker club Poker in the UK 3/2000
Reaction to the quilty verdict on Jay Cohen IGC 3/2000
California here we come Gaming Investments 3/2000
Will California License Mobsters? I.Nelson Rose(#57) 2/2000
A Modest Proposal From Governor Davis I.Nelson Rose(#56) 1/2000
March, 2000 Election Will Determine Fate of Casinos. I.Nelson Rose(#55) 1/2000
The Major Internet Gambling Case That Isn't. I.Nelson Rose(#54) 1/2000
A $5,000,000 Camel I.Nelson Rose(#53) 12/1999
There really is a Free Meal! I.Nelson Rose(#52) 12/1999
Post war German Spielbanks Photos and background 11/1999
October results from Atlantic City - 10/1999
The British Gaming Board Report 98/99 - 8/1999
Las Vegas. Statistics and post WGCE observations - 9/1999
Gaming floors "Places to visit in Las Vegas" - 9/1999
Bodie. Not a ghost of a chance of winning - 9/1999
How the cruise ships promote their casinos - 8/1999
A look at the April gaming stats for Mississippi - 7/1999
The ups and downs of Australian casino stocks - 7/1999
The British Gaming Boards annual report 1997-98 - 6/1999
Mafia anxiety over British gaming bill - 5/1999

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